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FREEJul 10, 2022 · Do your research. Call the property owner. Listen carefully to everything he or she has to say. If something just feels “off,” move on to another property, advises Karpinski. “Scammers usually count on people not paying attention, not heeding their intuition,” she says. “That still, small voice exists for a reason. Listen to it.” ... See Details

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FREEJun 01, 2022 · 1. Travel in the off-season or on the edges of popular seasons. “Traveling in the off-season saves big bucks on hotels and transportation, but there are other pluses too, such as fewer crowds and hence shorter lines at museums, churches, restaurants and so on.” Susan Farlow, freelance travel writer ... See Details

World Travelers of America:.Understanding Airport Screening Part 2


FREEJun 08, 2022 · To avoid setting off the metal detector at the security checkpoint, give some thought to what you wear to the airport. Preparing ahead of time can prevent fumbling around at the last minute holding up the line, or having to go through a personal search by a screener. It’s easiest to just pack the items that may set off the alarm (or leave ... ... See Details

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FREEJul 25, 2022 · As for social media – often times you will find last minute “fire sales” that can be up to %50 off. Know when the best time of day to book travel deals. The day and even the time you book could save you big cash. Always check airline tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday overnight. Airlines will update their fares through what is ... ... See Details

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FREEJul 23, 2022 · The site also includes international travel as well as off-beat out of the way places. This site caters to a narrower group of travelers who are looking for secret airfare deals or cheap discounted international airfare. If you know the places to look, you can find very discounted deals on airfare, especially if you bundle the airfare with a ... ... See Details

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FREEJun 21, 2022 · If you have questions while at the airport, you can ask to speak to the TSA screening supervisor. Their Consumer Response Center is available by calling 1-866-289-9673 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Their email is [email protected] ... See Details

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FREEAug 07, 2022 · There is no cost or obligation. Call LTCR at 844-582-7587 or click here for more info. WTA RV Loans - Take advantage of competitive rates on RV loans with no application fees. Get fast, experienced service online or by phone from WTA's RV finance provider who offers RV loans for original purchases or refinances. ... See Details

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10% offApr 24, 2022 · WTA members can get 10% off a wide variety of travel safety products through Citizens Against Crime, Inc. Call Citizens Against Crime at 1-800-466-1010 and identify yourself as a WTA member. Don't alert would-be thieves to the fact that you're away from home. Hire someone to do outside maintenance (mowing, snow removal) while you're gone. ... See Details

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FREEJun 26, 2022 · Distraction. This can be anything from a child waving a newspaper in your face to an old woman needing assistance or a local helping you wipe a mess off your shirt. While you are distracted, a second crook comes in and swipes your stuff. The key to making it out with all your valuables intact is to pay careful attention to your belongings and ... ... See Details

Getting Back to Nature in the Swiss Alps—Grindelwald, Switzerland


FREEJun 23, 2022 · Go off-the-beaten-path on the way down the mountain. Stop at the highest year-round inhabited village, car-free Murren (5,361 feet), with only 500 residents and ten hotels, bars and one disco. Take the funicular car to an outside health obstacle course. You can walk barefoot on logs, change to pebbles, shaved wood, and several types of natural ... ... See Details

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