On or off? : UniformedMen - reddit


FREE1. level 1. · 7 mo. ago. Off would be the best, less to have to fumble with while getting you rock hard for some action! 👅. 1. level 1. · 7 mo. ago. Leave ‘em on I’ll take em off. 1. ... See Details

On or off ? : TributeRequests -


FREE50.4k members in the TributeRequests community. A place to request tributes for anything that you think will get someone else to the finish line. ... See Details

Windows Sonic on or Off? : headphones - reddit


FREEDolby atmos for headphones sounded significantly better when I tried it. It’s the only surround virtualization I’ve used so far that preserved stereo imaging really well and didn’t make it sound drowned out. 3. level 2. · 1 yr. ago Audeze LCD-GX + RME ADI-2 DAC / Shure Aonic 50/SRH1840/SRH1540. It's a million times better than Sonic for ... ... See Details

G sync on or off? : gaming - reddit


FREEIt's better than vsync with a much smaller input latency footprint. no tearing and less input lag as compared to normal vsync or freesync is a great compromise. Makes no difference in how I well I play though. Edit: down vote all you want but the information is there for anyone to look up. Gsync is better than vsync. ... See Details

On or off? : 4skinoverhang


FREEAbout Community. Long foreskins, anteaters, skin snouts, acroposthions. Flaccid or erect, we love them all! (18+ to post here!) All who love foreskin are welcome to join, but only foreskin overhang should be posted. No negative comments against foreskin or community members will be tolerated. Foreskin is natural and we love it. ... See Details

On or off ? : KoreanNSFW -


FREE382k members in the KoreanNSFW community. A subreddit for sharing NSFW pics, gifs, and vids of Koreans. ... See Details

Should MRPT be on or off? : Monitors - reddit


FREEIt's a backlight strobe function. Basically the light turns on and off with each hertz to reduce image persistence and improve motion clarity. But the maximum brightness is reduced a lot. So if I put it "on" I will get a clearer view of motion. I also read something about Input lagg and that it … ... See Details

On or off? : SlimThicc


FREE28.4k members in the SlimThicc community. "Oooooh she thicc with two C's bruh" a place for your slim thicc self & your favorite slim thicc babes 😘 ... See Details

On or off ? : bfatIRL -


FREETerrible acronym, Big Fat Anime Tiddies IRL, but I don't think that far ahead. 67.5k. Members. 23. Apr 3, 2020. ... See Details

OnOffChallenge - reddit


FREEr/OnOffChallenge: Clothes gone in the blink of an eye! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... See Details

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