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FREEWebAdditionally, because PrettyLitter absorbs so well, it means you need less litter to last you and your cat a whole month. This makes our bags smaller and lighter. Solve your litter … ... See Details

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FREEWebAug 29, 2022 · Shake the comb off onto a wet cloth. If you can’t see visible black spots, flea particles will turn red on the wet cloth, indicating they’re hiding in your cat’s fur. How to … ... See Details

Why Do Cats Knead? | Pretty Litter - PrettyLitter


20% offWeb20% off PrettyLitter. Try it today. Use code: PRETTYBLOG. Is Kneading Normal? If your kitty just can’t seem to get enough kneading, you may wonder, “is cat kneading normal?” … ... See Details

Senior Cat is Losing Hair: 6 Reasons Why - PrettyLitter


FREEWebFeb 15, 2022 · Missing hair is missing hair, and an investigation is in order. There are three reasons a cat might groom themself excessively: Itchiness – When cats have itchy skin, … ... See Details

Non-Clumping vs Clumping Cat Litter | PrettyLitter


FREEWebOct 28, 2018 · This usually means going with non-clumping cat litter instead of clumping cat litter. Generally speaking, the smaller the particles, the better the clumping action -- and … ... See Details

9 Signs of a Healthy Cat | Pretty Litter - PrettyLitter


FREEWebBlog. Cat Urine Crystals. Cat Kidney Disease. Feline Bladder Stones. Odor Control. UTI in Cats. Cat Litter Delivery. One Bag of PrettyLitter. ... See Details

Roundworms vs. Tapeworms in Cats | Pretty Litter


FREEWebDec 29, 2020 · Tapeworms are intestinal parasites that attach themselves to the intestinal wall and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and poor appetite. In this way, … ... See Details

Common Cat Flea Symptoms | Pretty Litter - PrettyLitter


FREEWebMay 25, 2021 · Fleas feed off the blood of animals, so when a cat has fleas, they exhibit behavioral changes and the physical symptoms we talked about above. One of the first … ... See Details

Cat Fractures: Symptoms & Treatments - PrettyLitter


FREEWebAug 03, 2022 · A fractured pelvis will get inflamed and become swollen. When gently examining your cat for pelvic fractures, be aware of any swelling or bruising that is … ... See Details

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