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Oticon ON app | View frequently asked questions | Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/support/faq/on-app

FREEYes, Oticon ON includes a remote microphone feature, available for Apple devices. It enables you to use your phone as a microphone, which you can give to your conversation partner, and use … ... See Details

See FAQ for Oticon rechargeable hearing aids | Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/support/how-to/rechargeable-hearing-aids

FREEThen manually turn the hearing aids off using the push buttons. Storing your hearing aids with a full battery will ensure the battery will still be able to be charged. However, the batteries need … ... See Details

Streaming & technology - Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/support/faq/connectclip/streaming-and-technology

FREETurn a hearing aid on and off; Clean a hearing aid; Recharge hearing aids; Treat a hearing aid with care; Change a wax filter; Replace a dome; Replace a damper; Accessories. Connect … ... See Details

Oticon for professional audiologists | Life-changing …

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/professionals

FREEEnjoy the smoothest hearing aid fitting with Oticon Genie 2. Our fitting software Oticon Genie 2 helps you provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user. It’s renowned … ... See Details

What are in-the-ear-hearing aids? I Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/hearing-aids/choosing-right-hearing-aid/in-the-ear

FREEInvisible-in-the-canal hearing aids. Our smallest hearing aids can sit inside your ear canal. These are also called invisible hearing aids. Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids sit far … ... See Details

REM AutoFit - Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/professionals/training-and-fitting/fitting/rem-autofit

FREEFitting hearing aids using real ear measurements (REMs) personalises the fitting to your client’s ear acoustics. This improves hearing aid benefit 2, 3, helps reduce return visits 4 and … ... See Details

What are behind-the-ear-hearing aids? I Oticon

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/hearing-aids/choosing-right-hearing-aid/behind-the-ear

FREEReceiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) is a behind-the-ear hearing aid style which has a small speaker at the end of the wire that goes inside your ear. These are a very common type of hearing aids, and … ... See Details

See how to connect Bluetooth hearing aids to the …

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/hearing-aid-users/hearing-aids/accessories/ifttt

FREEThis is the Internet of Things. By using Oticon’s free hearing aid app Oticon ON, you can link your hearing aids to Internet-connected devices and services that you choose – such as home … ... See Details

See all our available hearing aids for every kind of hearing …

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/professionals/products/hearing-aids/all

FREETurn a hearing aid on and off; Clean a hearing aid; Recharge hearing aids; Treat a hearing aid with care; Change a wax filter; Replace a dome; Replace a damper; Accessories. Connect … ... See Details

Oticon preparation tool | Get ready to visit your hearing …

Link: https://www.oticon.ca/professionals/training-and-fitting/counselling/preparation-tool

FREELet’s get ready to visit your hearing care professional. We will show you some pictures of different scenarios. Just select a scenario where you find it difficult to hear and then briefly … ... See Details

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